Wälivaara Electric Guitars (WEG)

The WEG models are made with the same design philosophy as my acoustics guitars: maximum comfort and high acoustic quality, as important in an electric guitars as an acoustic. The results are evident in their long sustain and clear tone separation.

The WEG model is built in a classic parlour shape with a narrow lower bout than many traditional electrics. The result is a comfortable guitar with a weight distribution perfect for either sitting down and play or for stage performance. A semi-hollow mahogany body with massive Sitka spruce top and traditional f- holes give the guitar a strong acoustic qualities and an incredible sustain.

The latter quality is further enhanced using a tightly fitted neck joint glued to the body using the same quality requirements as on my acoustic guitars. A further enhancement is the use of true 3D carbon reinforcement inside the neck in order to completely avoid distortion due to warping and twisting due to variation in ambient humidity and temperature .