Are you looking for a handmade guitar or an upgrade of your instrument?
I design, repair and build guitars, both acoustic and electric.  I also make customized necks, fretboard and inlays for your guitar.

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Bengt Wälivaara

2020-05-11: Introducing the ”Wälivaara Electric Guitar model 0, ”WEG-0”, based on a classical Parlour body shape for comfortable playing , a semi-hollow body of mahogany and sitka spruce. The electronics is a high quality handmade combo made by Swedish manufacturer Lundgren Pickups: Heaven 57 Neck Pickup and Smooth operator Bridge pickup. The mahogany neck is reinforced using unique radially oriented carbon fibers giving absolute torsional stiffness but allowing truss rod adjustment of neck relief.

WEG-0 model

2020-03-20: Two new models released -the first model is the new ”00” size with a powerful projection and suitable for the finger picker. -The second model is the larger classical ”D” size with a powerful balanced sound for the allround player.
Both models are equipped with Wälivaara Guitars new bridge design with single string posts to improve intonation and optimal sound transfer to body.

New bridge design with single string posts

2019-12-10: Article in the local newspaper Linköpingsposten

2019-09-28: Demo day in Linköping, Sweden, click on link below for a short video clip (3min)

Workhop 28 sept (short version)

Click on full versions (in Swedish) with all interesting discussions (three parts):

Part 1 (10 min)

Part 2 (5.28 min)

Part 3 (12.50 min)

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