My guitar design philosophy can be expressed in one sentence: To provide an acoustically outstanding and comfortable guitar that lasts a lifetime!

My passion for woodworking started in my early years helping my father in his workshop making various handcrafted artwork in a traditional northern Swedish style e.g. cups, bowls, knives using figured wood, reindeer antlers and birch bark. Over the years, I continued exploring other art forms. Watercolor painting and photograph are two disciplines I have spent much time practicing. 

During my 35 years of professional work in various high-tech companies as an engineer, I have often encountered different technical challenges, such as choosing suitable materials for optimal function. Experiences which are very valuable in guitar making.

In order to achieve a high consistency, I use production methods especially adapted for a small workshop. Jigs, fixtures and other equipment are made using a high precision cnc machine. Additionally I use traditional hand tools such as chisels, scrapers and various planes for the final assembly and adjustments.

From my point of view, guitar making is the perfect mix of engineering, problem solving and practical handicraft combined with visual aesthetics. All this results in a product that brings joy to the user for a very long time!