Wälivaara Orchestra model (OM)

Wälivaara OM has a slimmer body style and is based on the “orchestra model” considered as the finger pickers top choice. The OM model has grown tremendously in popularity during the last years due to its articulate yet powerful voice, its attractive size and comfortable playing.

Wälivaara D model

Wälivaara D is a Dreadnought sized model, for many people synonumous with “western guitar”. The size is favoured by generations of musicians and is almost a standard choice for the performing artist and is suitable for powerful strumming as well as finger picking.

Wälivaara 00 model

The body size on this model is slightly smaller than an OM body size. Its slighter build will sit comfortably in your lap to allow hours of playing ease. Capable of great tones and projection, if you’re a fan of smaller bodied acoustics then this could be the one for you.

Wälivaara D model (Steel string)

Neck: 25.34” (645 mm)
Nut width: 44 mm
Total Length: 1030 mm
Upper bout: 298 mm
Lower Bout: 400 mm
Body length: 504 mm
Body depth: 115 mm (bottom), 99 mm (top)

Wälivaara OM (Steel string or nylon)

Neck: 25.34” (645 mm)
Nut width: 44 (steel string) 48 mm (nylon)
Total Length: 1020 mm
Upper bout: 297mm
Lower Bout: 381 mm
Body length: 492 mm
Body depth: 104 mm (bottom), 85 mm (top)

Wälivaara 00 model (Steel string)

Neck: 24.84” (633 mm)
Nut width: 44 mm
Total Length: 990 mm
Upper bout: 271mm
Lower Bout: 362 mm
Body length: 479 mm
Body depth: 105 mm (bottom), 86 mm (top)

Standard configuration

Top: Sitka spruce grade AA
steel string:
Nylon string
Sitka spruce,
X- shape (scalloped),
Fan shape (tapered)
Back+Sides: Mahogny sapele
Rosette: 2 ring b/w/b
Bridge: Ebony, with Wälivaara Guitar individual string posts
Headplate: Ebony, Mother of pearl logotype
Binding: Ebony, b/w/b purfling (top)
End graft: Ebony, b/w/b purfling
Neck: Mahogny, 3-piece laminated with double action truss rod
Ebony, MoP fret markers, side dots
Tuners: 15:1, Chrome or gold

Optional configurations

Do you want a customized guitar with a personal set up? We offer many options to the standard configuration above. Examples are arm rest, cutaways and different fretboard layout. A comprenhensive price list is found under Optional configurations