My name is Bengt Wälivaara and I am a guitar maker living in Linköping, Sweden. 

As a material engineer with a PhD in physics, my lifelong passion for wood working, design and music has led me into professional guitar making. I offer individually customized and handcrafted guitars as well as a range of standard models. All instruments are made in my one-man workshop in Linköping using specialized fixtures and tools. A combined use of eye and hand with modern machines result in artistry and high precision.

Design philosophy

A central part of my guitar building is to ensure the following quality features:

  • High response, clarity of tone and a long sustain
  • High playing comfort
  • Minimizing changes due to age
  • Low cost of maintenance

Acoustic response: High mechanical tolerances at critical joints: nut, fretboard, neck joint and bridge, ensures that a minimum of vibration energy is lost and gives longer sustain.

Playing comfort: High playing comfort with smooth polished fret ends and a rounded c-neck profile to minimize strain during long playing sessions.

Durability, low maintenace: Hard, long lasting frets reduce wear and prolongs intervals between fret dressing. A symmetrical grain direction along the neck and 3 piece neck with hardwood minimize warping and twisting of neck with age.

Neck/ body joint: A tightly bolted joint of the neck to the body and solid wood under the entire fretboard ensure that the fretboard remain perfectly level at the neck joint and enables easy maintenance.